Delay is preferable to error – Thomas Jefferson

Delays happen often in the world of construction.  Upon making the decision to order a custom trailer made to our specifications, we knew that we were putting ourselves at risk of possible delays.  With this said, we are talking of a 3 day delay which should not have a major impact on the final project. Rather, we have taken advantage of this time to work on a 24 foot model! In terms of the exterior look, it will be very similar to our prototype. On the inside, we have added an additional bedroom on the main floor. In this new model, we have also modified the front of the tiny house to accommodate a larger table and bench. Furthermore, we have taken into consideration constuctive feedback suggesting the inversion of the kitchen and counter space so as to better access the loft and to be sure this access is at the highest point of the roof. A1--PLAN-DU-RDC-1

Along the same lines, we have included a model that has a Murphy type desk/bed which only adds to the functionality of the house; this is always an asset when speaking of tiny houses!  In the model shown below, we have kept the bench in the front, while the second image underneath shows a bench that folds down into a double bed.

. A1--PLAN-DU-RDC-2 .   Plan du RDC


Here is an example of a Murphy bed that can turn into a desk or even a couch. This design offers lots of flexibility in terms of possible layouts of the tiny house.



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We are hoping to show you pictures of the finished trailer soon!



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  1. Je suis amoureuse de votre nouveau modèle de 24 pieds.
    Je ne peux pas attendre de voir les résultats finaux!

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