To all of our fans and susbribers, please excuse us for the lack of updates.  With the tight delay to be ready for the show, we were short of time to write quality content.

The big question, did we succeed?

The following links of media coverage, shown in chronologic orders speak for themselves.

This is a video of our first week working on the prototype.

On March 14, there was an article in Le Droit. You can read it here :

Then Karen Turner from the Ottawa Citizen wrote a very precice article, including a video.

April 7th, 2015 we did a radio interview with Ron Corbett on CFRA,

On April 9th,  it was Radio-Canada (CBC French), with an excellent piece.

On April 10th, we were live on CTV, for the video,  

The best answer came from the visitors at the Backyard and Cottage Show.  Lots of great comments, positives and constructives as well.

Follow us for more updates in the upcoming weeks !