We are anxious and excited to bring our tiny house project to fruition!

The plans …

All great construction starts with a great plan. Following the posting of our plans, we received numerous comments, some of which we have followed-up on.

For example, we changed the location of the ladder so that it is on the highest side roof slope. This way, access to the sleeping quarters will be much easier. We have also worked on the position of the mechanical and electrical systems.

The trailer…

For a tiny house, the trailer is equivalent to a foundation. It is really important to choose the correct model of trailer among the many choices available.   One option is to choose a standard stock trailer and modify it to meet your needs. However, this option may require complicated and tedious structural changes. Depending on your knowledge of welding, the services of a professional  may also be required with prices around $75/hr.

Ordering a custom trailer.

Another option is to build a custom trailer. This requires professional services.  It is important to chose a company that is certified by Transport Canada and that is able to provide the national safety stamp for trailers as shown below:

Exemple d'une plaque de certification.

Exemple d’une plaque de certification.

When presenting your project to the manufacturer, be sure to communicate your requests clearly. Have your plans and sketches ready as approximations and vague ideas will not be met well by the professionals. Include all the details you can of your project wish list and then trust the experts; let them do their jobs.

Note that it is possible to liscence your homemade trailer in Québec. For more information, see the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec website or the equivalent in your province. In Québec, you must adhere to both the SAAQ and the Ministry of Transport rules and regulations.


A custom trailer will be slightly more expensive than a standard one. On the other hand, one must consider the additional costs of buying a standard trailer:

  • Modifying the trailer.
  • Removing uneccessary materials (example: wood floor).
  • Costs associated with additional lighting. If you buy a basic trailer, many lights need to be added in order to conform to Transport Canada norms (see below).

Extrait du site de Transport Canada.

To galvanize or not?

Galvanizing consists of covering a piece of metal with a layer of zinc in order to protect it from rusting. The costs involved in galvanizing a trailer vary depending on the following:

  • The weight of the trailer (the cost of galvanizing is partly calculated by weight)
  • The dimensions: the longer it is, the heavier.
  • Depending on the size and design of the trailer, dipping it in the pool for galvanizing may be more complex, thus incurring additional costs.
  • Distance between the manufacturer and the galvanizing company. Places to galvanize are few and far between in Québec, so the manufacturer must mandate special transportation for the trailer to where the galvanizing company is if too far.
Components of the trailer

The choices you make for your trailer will have an impact on the prices.  Here are some of the main points to consider:

  • Load capacity of the axles
  • Quantity of axles, most often you will require 2 and for longer trailers, 3 might be required
  • The coupling system.
  • Type of leveling equipment and their quantities.
  • Material choices
Manufacturing delay

If opting for a custom trailer, a 4-6 week delay from the time of the first discussion with the manufacturer to its delivery can be expected. A standard trailer, however, can be delivered much quicker

Lumbec’s Choice

We have decided on a custom trailer.  In our next post, we will share with you our innovative design for our trailer that we have made with our manufacturer. We will have pictures of its fabrication to share to help emphasize our sketches and explanations.

We expect to receive our trailer the 20th of february, about 5 days before construction begins.

Next Posts

Our next posts will cover the following :

  • Designing the trailer for Lumbec’s tiny house.
  • Les délais de commande pour les matériaux et l’importance de planifier la construction.
  • Lumbec’s tiny house: 37 years of experience in 225 square feet!

In the mean-time, visit our website site de l’entreprise for other Lumbec products. Let us impress you with our variety of custum products.