tiny house bois Lumbec

Size and dimensions

The prototype will be built as per the following specifications :

– Width:  102” (8’6”)

– Lenght: 192” (16′) + bonus space

– Height: 161” (13’5”)

These dimensions were chosen to insure compliance with most transportation in Québec, Ontario and North America.

Rooms and spaces

  1. Kitchen and counter space
  2. Bathroom with shower and toilet
  3. Den and eating area
  4. Mezzanine
  5. Tons of storage

Floor plan

floor plan tiny house lumbec

Plan de plancher du RDC


Plan de la mezzanine


tiny house bois Lumbec

 rendu-exterieur-0 rendu-exterier-2


intérieur de tiny house

La fenestration abonde

Rendu-interieur-1Tiny house Rendu-interieur-3


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