FestivalYesterday marked the beginning of the Tiny-house Festival  in Lantier Quebec.  This first festival is now in full swing and is definitely worth stopping in to see, especially for those curious about the tiny-house movement.  The festival site is full of exhibits and high-quality products.

Before the Festival

Here is a little introduction to the path that brought us to the Festival. Last December, Lumbec decided to explore the possibility of constructing a tiny-house prototype. In no time, we had created our plan, started a blog and ordered the trailer. Once we received our trailer, we worked tirelessly to complete our prototype for the Backyard and Cottage Show last April. Even though there was still work to be done, the response from visitors was very positive. This weekend, we are presenting an improved prototype. In the past few weeks, we have worked on certain aspects of the tiny house.  Some  examples of the improvements we made include the modification of the kitchen cabinets, the addition of modules in the bathroom, we upholstered the bench and built a new ladder to the second floor, among other things. Our employees and valuable collaborators allowed us to deliver a quality project that visitors love.

On our way to the Festival

We left for Lantier Thursday evening. This was the longest trip thus far for our tiny house; the trip went well.  Of course, we had to adjust how we drove, especially when pulling close to 9000 pounds in weight.  The start, breaking distance,  turning radius and height all had to be carefully considered. Once on site, installing the house in the alloted space proved difficult. The slope forced us to re-think our approach Friday morning.

What’s on the program this Saturday

This morning, you can visit the Festival starting at 11h00. At 1h30pm today, we will be offering our advise for self-builders at a conference. There are other conferences available on other tiny-house topics as well. For more information, visit http://www.festivalminimaisons.quebec/#!conferences/c1ks1  Follow us on Facebook.com/lumbec!