Why you should consider Lumbec for your tiny house.

In April last year, you were presented with our tiny house prototype. A 16′ house with a bathroom, and a loft / bedroom upstairs.

The aim of the prototype was to show the space of a tinyhouse.  Today we present the TH2 project, a 24′ tiny house we  built for a client. Based on our prototype model, this house is unique in several ways.

Here are some of the key features of this model:

  • 1500W electric heater
  • Dickinson wood stove
  • Bench with storage
  • Custom table for 2 or 4 people
  • Space for TV
  • Multitudes of storage space
  • Unduction stove top
  • Microwave oven
  • Refrigerator with freezer
  • Normal size sink.
  • Gray water tank system
  • 60-inch bath.
  • Separett compost toilet
  • Stairs with storage to access the loft.
  • Large loft with integrated storage

It is with great pride that we present the finished product.  We believe this model responds mostly to requests and feedback we received during the last year.


When you work with Lumbec, you deal with a team of toughtful workers.  You also work with an established network of suppliers.  Lumbec is not a start-up. It is an innovative business in a moving market.


Covered with white pine, stained western red cedar and steel cladding, this tiny  house will last




The custom table  can be folded in half to take less space.


Dickinson wood stove


Custom made storage for the wood.


Storage space is not lacking in the model.  The stairs offer an alternative to  accessing the loft.




More storage.



A full size fridge with a freezer





The loft has enough space for a queen size bed.



Simple closet space is integrated.


TH 2 is equipped with a 5′ bathtub.


A Separett toilet has been installed for TH2.


Le plan de plancher qui montre la mezzanine.


Le plan du rez-de-chaussée

Looking for a builder.

If you are looking for a builder, look no more.  Contact our team members at 819-984-5291 or by email : info@lumbec.com.  You can also visit our shop at 1630 chemin Pink à Gatineau.


  1. please keep me advised of model and pricing
    would really be interested in an off the grid self sufficient 24 to 30footer
    thank you

  2. Your Tiny homes look Awesome! Please add me to your mailing list for new developments and price listings. Thanks for your Awesome Tiny Homes!!! Just what I’m looking for….

  3. I have been doing a fair amount of research on this movement at the TH2 24’er is really one of the best looking ones I have seen I think. Nice Job.

  4. Side note, might be a good idea for future code issues not to refer to the bunk area as a mezzanine or loft, potential headaches there. I would re-draft to have that area called ” Built- In Bunk” or something along those lines. Cheers

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